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Gary Busey sings a very different ballad of Bilbo Baggins

When we last saw famed actor/lunatic Gary Busey, he was talking incoherently (which I know is kind of redundant when describing Gary Busey, but bear with me) about Hobbits. Today, Busey is back to educate us further on these tiny denizens of Middle-Earth, specifically their proclivity for fucking each other. In fact, the subject of Hobbit sex so moves Busey that he is compelled to sing a song on the subject (beginning at 3:28), which will likely haunt your dreams for all eternity.


You know what the most amazing thing about this video is? It's still less weird than Leonard Nimoy's actual "Ballad of Bilbo Baggins" recording.


[via Videogum]

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Somebody help me out here. Since playing Buddy Holley in 1978 has Busey done anything significant? I mean other than being crazy in public.