Gary Busey explains Hobbits, and the results are predictably insane

Famed actor/lunatic Gary Busey has taken time out of his busy schedule of yelling at invisible people to have a seat on a quiet, secluded hill, wear a tiny baseball cap, and tell us all about the tiny denizens of Middle-Earth known as Hobbits. I thought myself a bit of a Tolkien fan, but I'm not ashamed to say that Busey's scope of knowledge is, frankly, astounding. For instance, I had no idea that male and female Hobbits looked identical, that they travel in packs of four, or make necklaces out of cockroaches. How Peter Jackson failed to use this incredible resource for his Hobbit trilogy is, frankly, beyond me.

[Via FilmDrunk]

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It's hard to tell if it is an act or Gary is real. I'm betting on real. I'd like to subscribe to his newsletter.

FYI, the link is missing a : after the http.