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Historical reenactments of the Middle Ages, they sometimes bring out the blackguards, brigands, and bad apples. Early Monday morning in the French town of Bitche, the organizers of the popular festival Medievales Europeennes de Bitche found themselves down 20,000 € (approximately $25,000) when a marauding band of "knights" held them up at sword-and-axe-point. Explains AFP of these anachronistic crooks:

"According to witnesses, there were three or four individuals, masked and wearing medieval attire," the spokesman said. They struck one of the organisers with the handle of the axe and escaped with the cash.


The crime should fit the punishment here. Should these bandits be nabbed expeditiously, they should spend the rest of the summer in the festival's pillory, subjected to a nonstop barrage of mutton bones, moldy brie rinds, and unfounded accusations that they are actually warlocks.

Image: Wallenrock/Shutterstock, because "unruly knight" comes up zip, but "sexy knight" unveils one of the most magically stupid photos ever to grace a stock photo gallery.


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