Gang of feral cats attacks woman in France

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It seems the cats have turned. Feral felines near the French city of Belfort have begun pack-hunting humans. A woman and her poodle were on a walk recently when six of the beasts attacked her, knocking her to the ground. Happy caturday, everyone!


The dog was treated by a nearby vet clinic, while the victim received a rabies shot and treatment for a host of injuries – including a pierced artery – at a nearby hospital, forcing basically everyone to revisit the fact that yes, cats are predatory animals that will perforate your blood vessels while casually destroying the planet and oh, by the way, they also carry around super awful bacteria in their mouths that can turn the tendons in your hand into wet tissue paper.

Via LiveScience:

Veterinarians and local residents are divided over what may have provoked the feline fury. According to some observers, a recent heat wave in the area may have played a part in the unusual mauling.

Veterinary specialist Valerie Dramard believes the cats were protecting their territory from the poodle, and the woman simply got in the way.

"Cats are not new zombies of the apocalypse," Dramard said reassuringly. "They are just very territorial and unfriendly with unknown species."

Unfriendly? Cats? You don't say.

There's also a LOT of them. There are reportedly 8,000 feral cats born per day in France. PER DAY.


Spay and neuter your creatures, people. Spay and neuter.