Happy Halloween week! Our annual Halloween Costume Show is back for another round, and it's scary just how good you all look this year. Take a peek at the best of the best of what we saw last week — and then show us what you're planning on wearing this year.

Put up pictures (of yourself only please!) in the comments below along with a note about who your costume portrays and how you made it. We'll be showing off the best one more time next week. And, in the meantime, check out all the ways that your fellow commenters (and their pets!) are keeping the spirit of Halloween alive and kicking this year.

Check out herbortamus's take on Pokemon's Ivysaur. I choose you, tortoise!

Attention all heroes in a half-shell: Please assemble and congratulate TVsRobLowe!

Jimmy poses the question: Why be Gandalf the Grey? And now we can't think of a single reason.

Have you ever wondered, "What if Tony Stark had built his suit entirely out of Legos?" antman808 has.

Commenter earthsbadday shows us a one-woman alien invasion.

And a slightly different spin on the alien invasion theme from Gart with the Yip Yips.

Warning! If Sithcamaro offers you any upgrades, do not accept.