Gaming Deals: Born of the Gods, Dwarven Forge, SOI&F RPG & more

The savvy tabletop gamer can find lots of great deals on games, terrain, and more. Luckily, I've done most of the work for you. Check out these excellent springtime game sales.

Note: a few of these sales are affiliate links, but none of them are paid ads, just some deals I found.


The Song of Ice & Fire RPG is one of my favorites, and Green Ronin currently has the PDF version of the core book bundled with Orbit, the biography of George RR Martin, and the Unofficial Game of Thrones Cookbook over at DriveThruFiction. The whole package is selling for $17.99, 40 percent off the original price of all three books purchased separately.

The Dwarven Forge Caverns Kickstarter launched this week, and while it's not a sale in the traditional sense, you'll never be able to get these terrain pieces this inexpensively again (they'll eventually sell them from their online store, but the price will go up). At the risk of sounding like a shill (they don't even send me review materials), my gaming group got last year's Dwarven Forge dungeon terrain and it's a gamer's dream come true.


StarCityGames has a March Madness sale all month, with new deals on Magic: the Gathering added each day. They've already got deals (10 to 15 percent off) on game mats and sleeves, Vintage cards, Commander cards, non-basic lands and more.

Another Magic: the Gathering sale is coolstuffinc's deal on Born of the Gods booster packs ($2.49) and Born of the Gods booster boxes ($89.99).


DriveThruRPG's GM's Day Sale only lasts through Saturday, March 15, so you need to be quick on this one. You'll find pages and pages of sale items, including a horde of third party Pathfinder supplements and major releases from big publishers like Monte Cook Games and White Wolf. Definitely worth a look.

This isn't a tabletop game, but I have a feeling a lot of tabletop gamers will be interested in the Kalypso Strategy Pack currently available on Steam. It's $50 for so many great games (and some mediocre/bad games) that it would take you years to play them all. I think it's worth it for the Jagged Alliance Collector's Bundle alone, but you also get Omerta, every Tropico game ever, Pole Position 2012, Airline Tycoon 2, Patrician 3, Patrician 4, and seriously more games than I can even list here. This one only lasts through March 17th.


The Bundle of Holding has opened again, this time offering up Fanastastic Valor, a collection of RPGs focused on "heroic action in exotic settings." This pay what you want bundle gets you Beast Hunters, High Valor, and Jaws of the Six Serpents, plus more games if you pay above the average, with still more games added throughout next week.


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