In the world of 2070, you face a stark choice: pursue sustainable, environmentally friendly development, or be a total industrialiast asswipe who deserves to be shot. At least, that's what we gleaned from Anno 2070's sledgehammer-subtle new gameplay trailer.


Basically, you face a choice between sustainability or "mass consumption," with the latter leading to a gray desolate landscape. We haven't encountered a guilt-trip this ferocious in years, and it's already got us rushing to separate our recycling.

As our sister site Kotaku explained last week, Ubisoft's strategy series previously focused on European colonization in 1404 and 1701, but now it's suddenly leaping forward to the year 2070. As Kotaku put it, "It's a serious move away from European and colonial history - surely one of the key appeals of the series - and towards sci-fi city management." Among other things, your challenges include rising sea levels and changing landscapes, making farming more difficult. But this new trailer makes the game feel a bit like An Inconvenient Truth: The Video Game. Will anybody go for it?


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