Game of Thrones Scribe To Write Magic: The Gathering Movie

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First they came for World of Warcraft, and now Hollywood wants our Magic cards. The next nerdy game movie is getting made, but at least it's by someone with fantasy cred.


Deadline is reporting that Fox has picked Bryan Cogman from Game of Thrones to write the first of what they're hoping will be a mega franchise of Magic: The Gathering movies. Behind Fox is Hasbro (set to make even more money if this does well) and long-tested Fox producer favorite Simon Kinberg. Welp, we like the talent attached, fingers crossed they get this right.

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I actually read a Magic: The Gathering book when I was in middle school. Wasn't great, but interesting enough and definitely better than a lot of dime fantasy novels I've come across.

I haven't done anything with this franchise for quite some time now, but I do remember reading about the Weatherlight and the characters surrounding that story arc and thinking that it would make a good book or TV series. Hopefully they can find something like that in the tombs of Magic lore and make a decent flick.