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Game of Thrones' Mountain Beat a World Record... by Basically Lifting a Mountain

I think I’ve found my new “inspiration” GIF.
Image: Rogue Fitness (YouTube)

The Mountain might be a dead man walking on Game of Thrones, but Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson might be the most “alive” person on the entire planet. Over the weekend, he beat a world record by casually deadlifting 1,041 pounds. Now, all we need is to see him bench press a dragon.


At the 2018 Arnold Strongman Competition, Björnsson established his reign with a victory in the deadlifting competition, beating last year’s winner Brian Shaw and Mikhail Shivlyakov from Russia (who actually started bleeding from the face during his deadlift). Björnsson’s been planning this victory for a while, telling Men’s Health last month that he had plans of beating the previous 1,031-pound record. Well, mission accomplished!

Someone Photoshop a couple baby dragons on those weights, please.
Image: Rogue Fitness (YouTube)

It’s not quite as heavy as Dany’s dragons from season seven, which are the size of a Boeing 747, but he’s getting damn close. HBO, I really hope this means you’re planning a fistfight between the Mountain and Wight Viserion in the final season. The man’s clearly ready for it.

Game of Thrones returns in 2019—with yet another award under its belt.

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....and this is his Pomeranian Asterix. I dare anyone to go up to him and question his choice of dogs.