Game of Thrones Is Filming Scenes From The Winds of Winter Right Now!

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Chris Evans could be playing Captain America for years longer. Mads Mikkelsen may have revealed big details about his Rogue One character. Ron Perlman drops huge, massive Hellboy 3 spoilers. Plus, Jenna Coleman talks Clara’s arc in Doctor Who, and a look at Rutina Wesley in Arrow. Spoilers!


Captain America: Civil War

After saying last year that he thought he’d be done with his Marvel contract (totaling six projects, of which Captain America: Civil War is the fifth) by 2017, Chris Evans has now said that he’d love to stay on as Steve Rogers/Captain America after Avengers: Infinity War Parts One and Two:

Listen, if Marvel wants me they got me. I’ve never had such a relationship where you have such—I mean look at my resume, I’m used to being on set being like, ‘Ah is this movie gonna be terrible?’ Marvel just can’t stop making great movies, they do it in their sleep. It’s wonderful directors and producers and actors and scripts, and it’s like a playground as an actor.



British singer Sam Smith has posted an image of himself wearing one of the octopus-branded rings of the SPECTRE organisation to Instagram. The tease was, of course, later accompanied by an announcement that Smith will indeed sing “Writing’s on the Wall”, a new song that accompanies the opening titles—a long-standing tradition of the Bond franchise. [Coming Soon]

Star Wars: Rogue One

Mads Mikkelsen sure is getting a bit hint-droppy with this role in this film. This time, the actor has signed a fan’s Star Wars poster, adding what seems to be the name of his character underneath: Galen.


Although the name itself is nothing particularly of note, it’s not stopped Star Wars fans from putting two and two together to make 27—rumor now has it that Mikkelsen is playing a version of Galen “Starkiller” Marek, the star of the Force Unleashed video games. In the games, Marek was a secret apprentice of Darth Vader who turned to the light side and played a part in the foundation of the Rebel Alliance between the events of Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. This is all rather unlikely, as Marek, along with the events of Force Unleashed, were stripped from canon after Disney purchased the Star Wars franchise. [/Film]

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Hellboy 3

Ron Perlman just wants Hellboy 3 to get made so hard, now he’s dropping plot spoilers about where the currently non-existent film could go:

Holy sh*t, he’s the beast of the Apocalypse. He has to take down civilization. He has to. It’s non-negotiable. That’s the foundation for the story, and that’s why I think it would be a shame if we don’t do it.

I’ll tell you this. The two twins: one would look like the mum [Liz Sherman] and one would look like the dad [Hellboy]. And one of them was going to be completely f*cking corrupt, the other one angelic. Which one was which? Only Guillermo would make the f*cked-up-looking one be the angel. So then that adds to the saga.


Thanks, Ron. [Coming Soon]

Batman v Superman

Jason Momoa thinks that jokes about Aquaman’s supposed lameness as a character will quickly vanish after the movie:

It’s cute and funny, people make fun of him, there’s a bunch of jokes about him, but I’m like, ‘Just wait. Let’s just wait a little bit, and then you can make jokes.’


[Comic Book]

Here’s a few new Bat-focused images from the film. There’s a few more at the link, but they’re mostly older pictures. [Collider]

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens

With “Force Friday” having passed, a multitude of posters for the film have been made available for fans to purchase—here’s a few, but you can see more at the link. [CBR]

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The Martian

Matt Damon sciences the shit out of everything in four new TV spots for the film. [CBR]

Game Of Thrones

(Note: the following section below the quotation block contains spoilers for The Winds of Winter. If you want to avoid spoilers from the novel, skip to the Ash vs Evil Dead section below.)


Entertainment Weekly has confirmed that Freddie Stroma (UnREAL) has been cast as Dickon Tarly, Samwell’s younger brother and heir to House Tarly, after Sam’s father Randall forced him to choose between death of joining the Watch. Confirming the Night’s Watchman’s former family will play a role in the next season of the show is also the reveal that the Castell de Santa Florentina in Canet de Mar, Spain, will serve as the show’s version of Horn Hill, the seat of the Tarly family. [Watchers on the Wall]

Finn Jones teases Loras’ arc and a suitably “shocking” finale in season six:

I was a little bit nervous when I got the scripts through but I’ve started filming now and so the nerves aren’t there anymore. So I know what’s happening, a lot of good stuff to do this year. Game of Thrones is always shocking, so it’s never going to stop shocking people... the end of season six in particular is very shocking. It’s so difficult to remember it because my head is so in season six, so I can’t even remember what happened in season five.

There’s a transformation in Loras’ state and character and it’s fun to be able to go a little bit deeper and darker in the character. I’ve really enjoyed being able to go to those places.



Now that Game of Thrones is basically caught up with George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire books, it’s time for them to begin moving past them—or specifically, to begin filming sequences from the as-yet-unreleased sixth book, The Winds of Winter. Watchers on the Wall have found casting calls for a series of actors in a theatre troupe, as well as a smattering of theatre-attending audience members.


The details, as well as location filming of what appears to be a stage featuring Baratheon/Lannister regalia (seen below), seems to imply the show is actually filming a passage from The Winds of Winter that was released earlier this year. In the chapter, Arya Stark—in the guise of “Mercy”—joins mummer’s group performing in Braavos, using the cover of a performance to assassinate Raff the Sweetling, a Lannister soldier who is part of her big list of people to kill.


Finally, Watchers on the Wall also have pictures of filming in Girona, featuring a chase sequence where Arya is hunted by the mysterious Waif from the House of Black and White, who’s holding a bloodied knife. Go to the link to see more.


Ash vs Evil Dead

Episode synopses for nine of the ten episodes of the series have been released:

Ep 101 – El Jefe

Ash is baaack! 30 years after his last Deadite fight, badass blowhard Ash Williams unleashes the Evil in an act of stoned stupidity, bringing Deadite mayhem into his life again.

Ep 102 – Bait

Special Agent Fisher is tracking Ash. Pablo gets his first taste of blood in a manic battle, and a revelation changes Kelly’s life forever.

Ep 103 – Books From Beyond

A mysterious woman finds the destruction at Kelly’s parents’ farm. Meanwhile, Ash, Pablo and Kelly reach Books from Beyond with the Necronomicon and Fisher finds herself in another terrifying, inexplicable situation.

Ep 104 – Brujo

Ruby helps Fisher and reveals her family’s connection to the Evil Dead. Ash and team follow a clue from the demon Eligos, but Kelly pays a price.

Ep 105 – The Host

Kelly’s current state puts others in jeopardy. This forces Pablo to make a brave move and Ash to reveal a new side to his character. Ruby and Fisher join forces in pursuit of Ash.

Ep 106 – The Killer of Killers

Thanks to his drug-induced vision, Ash knows what to do with the Necronomicon. Pablo and Kelly notice something ominous. Ash promises to visit Lem, but Fisher shows up for an almighty showdown with her former boss.

Ep 107 – Fire In The Hole

Ash, Pablo and Kelly, now joined by Fisher, arrive at the survivalist camp in the midst of chaos and must go to extreme measures to escape. Meanwhile, more is revealed of Ruby’s mission.

Ep 108 – Ashes To Ashes

Ash attempts to bury the book to end the Evil, but first he must contend with other, more physical things from his past. Fisher faces a horrific change in Ash.

Ep 109 – Bound In The Flesh

Ash battles someone all too familiar, and later hears a message from the Necronomicon. Meanwhile, the deadliest Deadite attacks.


[Shock Till You Drop]

The Flash

Speaking at Dragon Con, Candice Patton has refuted recent comments from Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg that Iris would take on a “leadership role” at STAR Labs in season 2:

I don’t know where you guys are hearing this, but I think it’s a gross exaggeration that Iris is going to take over leadership at S.T.A.R. Labs. What I will say is that she does encourage Barry Allen to come back to S.T.A.R. Labs and get the team together and keep fighting to protect Central City.

As far as being a leader at S.T.A.R. Labs? No, that doesn’t happen. Iris has a job. She works at Picture News and we know her as this iconic reporter and what I will say about her strength is that this season we will see her step into that role which I am very excited about because I think she has a lot to offer Team Flash in that way.


[Comic Book]


Madeline Brewer has been cast as Bille Trump, a Wesen Gang member that is actually a bizarre lizard-esque creature called a Skalengeck. [TV Line]


Doctor Who

In a new interview for BBC America, Jenna Coleman discusses how Clara will not spend season 9 pining after her lost love Danny Pink:

Meanwhile, in another video, Steven Moffatt discusses the monsters in the next series, teasing that there are more new creatures than there are returning ones:

Here’s the synopsis for the season 9 premiere, “The Magician’s Apprentice”:

Where is the Doctor?

When the skies of Earth are frozen by a mysterious alien force, Clara needs her friend. But where is the Doctor, and what is he hiding from?

As past deeds come back to haunt him, old enemies will come face-to-face, and for the Doctor and Clara survival seems impossible.


[Blogtor Who]

A rumor is circling that British comedian (perhaps best known outside of the UK for his role alongside David Walliams in the skit series Little Britain) Matt Lucas will star in the upcoming Christmas special. The rumor is spurred by a sighting of Lucas leaving the Roath Lock studios in Cardiff, where Doctor Who is filmed, so ready a grain of salt just in case. [Combom]


Luke Cage

Mahershala Ali has been cast as Cornell “Cottonmouth” Stokes, a character from the comics. Stokes, a Harlem nightclub owner, crosses paths with Cage due to his illicit activities behind the scenes of the club. [TV Line]



Stephen Rider has been cast as a minor comic book character, New York District Attorney Blake Tower. Tower, a regular in the second season of the show, will help Matt Murdock in his Lawyer alter-ego to track down criminals. [Deadline]


The Walking Dead

Greg Nicotero discusses how the show will begin augmenting the show’s prosthetics for Walkers with CGI, to give enhanced decaying effects as the series progresses:

We’re doing a few things we haven’t done before, which is digital augmentation of couple of walkers. We’re moving noses and putting a cavity there. Taking the area underneath the ribcage and shrinking it down. Kind of Bernie Wrightson style. That stuff is what makes it more exciting because it gives us more opportunities.



Agents of SHIELD

Here’s a new promo for the third season of the show, giving us our first look at some new Inhumans, including the recently cast comic character called “Lash”.


Finally, here’s our first look at Rutina Wesley as comics character Liza Warner, aka the hilariously named “Lady Cop”. [Spoiler TV]

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Additional reporting by Gordon Jackson and Charlie Jane Anders. Top image: Game of Thrones.



Listen, if Marvel wants me they got me.

Good to hear, Chris. We’d love to have you for as long as you’d like to stick around. I mean, perfect casting is perfect casting.