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Game of Thrones inspires English town to rename itself Kings Landing

Illustration for article titled Game of Thrones inspires English town to rename itself Kings Landing

Come February 17th, the crown city of Westeros is coming to England. The village of the already similar-soundingKings Langley will take the name of the fictional city for a week as part of a promotion for the Game of Thrones season 3 DVD and Blu-ray sets.


Via The Watford Observer:

An executive producer of the hit TV show heard Kings Langley read out as a stop while waiting for an Inter-City train at Euston and contacted Dacorum Borough Council to organise the name change.

Kings Landing is the main city in the TV show and Susan Lea at Dacorum Borough Council said she hopes businesses and restaurants will get involved during the week beginning February 17.


Getting the locals involved, hmm? Well, first someone needs to open a brothel or three. Then someone should probably lead a fleet of ships to attack the town (admittedly, Kings Langley is several miles inland, so I'd accept a fleet of cars). And last but not least, someone should invite Jackie Gleeson to play Joffrey for the day, and then appoint seven armed Whitecloaks to see if they can stop the local populace from murdering their king. Now that's a promotion.

[Via Warming Glow]

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