Game Of Thrones' Gag-Inducing Prosthetics Are Amazing

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Ever wonder how Game of Thrones makes all those disturbingly convincing severed limbs and gaping wounds? One of the special effects artists has been posting incredible photos of his work on the show's grisly prosthetics. Spoilers through the end of Season Three.


Sangeet Prabhaker, a prosthetic and creature effects artist, has been sharing his Game of Thrones work over Instagram. There are a couple of different versions of Jaime Lannister's unhanded right arm, showing how the effects team hides Nikolaj Coster-Waldau's hand during filming:


He sculpted the neck wound for Catelyn Stark for the Red Wedding:

Plus Davos' hand:


And Shireen's facial scarring:


You can also see his non-GoT work over on his Instagram feed. Be warned, though, some of it is quite gory and not safe for work.


[studiosangeet on Instagram via AV Club]

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Forget the actual mutilations on the show - the picture where Jaime has 3 arms is scary as hell.