On the last episode of Game of Thrones, King Joffrey was his usual charming self, prompting Tyrion to make a particularly violent threat against his nephew. Remember the good old days when Tyrion would just slug Joff? Let's live out our violence-against-Joffrey fantasies through fan art.

The top image of Muhammad Ali socking the crown off Joffrey's head is by Not.M.CVNY.

There's always the classic gif of Tyrion slapping Joffrey:

And this one:

And Cersei slapping Joffrey:

More recently, someone even dumped Joffrey in the bear pit (via reddit):

But there's also some fun smacking fan art, like this piece from Noelle Stevenson:

Incidentally, if you're not reading Stevenson's webcomic Nimona, go read it now.


Lauren Monardo Gramprey:


That one was actually the basis for MKage's business card:

Sir-Heartsalot realizes that the Hound wasn't involved in this particular moment of Tyrion-on-Joffrey violence, but it's still quite grand:

There's the King-Slap Bonus Round from the College Humor Game of Thrones RPG video:

This image was lost some time after publication.

The folks at ChromaEngine are working on an actual GoT browser game called The King Slapper:

Austin Madison created a series of GoT storyboards for his application to Pixar, titled "The Imp & The Pimp." It contains a satisfying slap.

And in this imaginary combat scene from Roberto Flores (of ChromaEngine), Tyrion gives Cersei some of his slapping. Joffrey has learned to hang back.

Designer Tom Gateley gave Tyrion his own slap-happy crest:

Tyrion isn't the only one who enacts violence against Joffrey. This poster from 604 Republic lets anyone get in on the act:

This stabby animation of Arya by Lannister Blonde is particularly satisfying:

SharksDen envisions the Hound getting a little physical with the king:

IsabelSparrow gives Sansa her revenge:

And Michael Dialynas sends in a Stark who isn't even from Winterfell:

There, now wasn't that cathartic?