Game of Thrones Crossed With Seinfeld? Meet George R.R. Costanza!

Illustration for article titled emGame of Thrones/em Crossed With emSeinfeld/em? Meet George R.R. Costanza!

Now this is a literary mashup we're dying to see. Thomas Dunne Books just signed a deal to publish A Game of Groans by George R.R. Costanza, a parody of the bestselling Song of Ice and Fire series by George R.R. Martin.

Can you just imagine the possibilities for weird humor in George's take on all the incest and backstabbing and giant killer wolves? Somehow, I can envision Tyrion Lannister making the jump without much difficulty.

Here's the brief blurb released in Publishers Marketplace. It sounds like they're going the "wacky altered names" route, like "Barks" instead of "Starks":

[The book is] set in a world where seasons can last decades (and comparisons to Tolkien a lifetime), the warmth is returning, and in the thawing tundra to the North of Summerseve, the future of the Bark family, their BFFs, and their enemies dangles in the balance.


No clue when it'll be published. I kinda like the idea that the arrival of summer is the huge, world-ending threat in George Costanza's world. [Publishers Marketplace, login required]

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Not sure if this is better or worse than a porn parody... Game of Moans anyone?