Game of Thrones Book Purists, Here's A Finale Scene Remade Just For You

Illustration for article titled emGame of Thrones/em Book Purists, Heres A Finale Scene Remade Just For You

Were you disappointed that Tyrion didn't learn an important piece of information in this week's Game of Thrones finale? Relive one of his scenes paired with the original text from A Storm of Swords. Possible spoilers if you haven't read the book, even if you've seen the finale.


Redditor GipsySafety posted this reimagining of the scene where Jaime frees Tyrion from his cell. We don't know why the showrunners decided to cut Jaime's revelation to Tyrion regarding Tyrion's first wife or if the information will ever come up later. But it's an important moment in Jaime and Tyrion's relationship, and we're a little bummed it didn't make it to the screen. Now if only we could get another one of these image series revamping the final scene between Tywin and Tyrion.


[S4/ASOS] The Penultimate Scene with Book Dialogue [r/gameofthrones]

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Oh, please. The purists won't let this die any time soon, right? I'm sick of the bawling because no Tysha and no ruined relationship with Jaime. There was no point in making a reference to a character that was mentioned only once in S1 and won't ever return in the story.

The show did it better, IMO. Get over it.