In the last scene of Galaxy Quest, we see the once-washed-up actors, previously stuck in a decades-long hell of fan expos and ribbon-cuttings, back on the airwaves in a brand new show for the next generation of sci-fi fans! …Or so we think. There’s actually much, much more to it. And it involves energy-hungry feds and America’s obsession with unscripted TV.


Galaxy Quest: The Journey Continues is actually a reality show. The cast and the Thermians actually travel the galaxy in the bona fide spaceship, scoring monster ratings while also scoring the US government powerful energy sources from the far reaches of space.

That’s why the ending is even cooler than you think. Everybody wins! The cast get the most insane gig in Hollywood history, the studio saves money on special effects, the hero-worshipping Thermians continue fawning over the crew, and the government gets a space ship to search for nuclear fuel and rare elements.


The Journey Continues viewers win, too—they’re watching the greatest show of all time.

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