Galaxy Quest Returns, Goes Global

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For fans of both Tim Allen and Sigourney Weaver's cleavage, there's only one movie that manages to hit all particular pleasure buttons: 1999 Star Trek parody Galaxy Quest. And now, as if to prove that there's no audience too niche for indie comic publisher IDW, comes the news that a brand new Galaxy Quest sequel in comic format is on its way.


The new five-part series, subtitled Global Warning, takes the story in a somewhat expected direction by bringing in a Star Trek: The Next Generation-like spin-off series to accompany another threat to the universe that only a bunch of faded actors can prevent:

"Let's face it. Is there anyone who saw Galaxy Quest that didn't come away wondering about the continuing adventures of Jason, Sir Alex, Gwen, Tommy, Guy and Fred and Jane?" asks writer Scott Lobdell. "We've pined away for a sequel long enough! Now we're going to learn what became of these actors after their first greatest adventure together. Yes, they are excited about the re-launch of the franchise that made them cult icons, but don't think for a moment that success has quelled their quirkiness. And when they have to suit up again, and take the Protector out of orbit...? Let's just say experience isn't going to make their jobs any easier!"

I can't quite tell if that kind of gung-ho optimism in a press release is ironic, or whether the saccharine-cynicism of the original movie has been entirely lost in this new incarnation along with the particular brand of disdain that only Alan Rickman can bring to the English language.

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I adore this movie. It is probably my #1 go-to rewatcher when I need a boost. But in no way was a comic book spin-off either necessary or desired. For one, the comic will not have the real Alan Rickman! Shuh!