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Galavant Is Way More Fun When It's About Bromance, Not Romance

Illustration for article titled iGalavant/i Is Way More Fun When Its About Bromance, Not Romance

For all its wedding planning and wailing about perfect kisses, Galavant is pretty thin when it comes to genuine romance (aside from the chef and Gwynn, who are adorable). And its female characters are a bit one-note. But it’s having a great time with the odd-couple bromance between Galavant and Richard.


This season of Galavant has been mostly the Galavant ‘n Richard show so far, as the former rivals pursue their various destinies—or what they think are their destinies. When Richard, who doesn’t know what to do with himself if he can’t be a king, reconnects with an old friend, Galavant decides to play matchmaker, realizing this might give Richard something to do (other than keep accidentally sabotaging his quest). It doesn’t quite go as planned, but it’s the funniest moment of either episode that aired this week (“Aw, Hell, the King” and “Bewitched, Bothered and Belittled”)—and you gotta love a buddy for trying.

Image: ABC/Angus Young

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Worth mentioning Gareth’s nice gesture of giving the Queen those earrings too (even with the ears).