Still curious about the singing and dancing, madrigal-like series Galavant? Then take a look at one of the many songs — and a John Stamos cameo. It feels like a Robin Hood Men In Tights-style production of Game of Thrones. But this lead might be hotter than all the Starks.

Up top is a clip, and below is the Stamos cameo. (Apparently this series is just lousy with silly cameos.) Not sure how I'm supposed to feel about the show yet, but the actors are all exceedingly charming. Plus they're in on the joke, so you can't hate watch it… Is this… joy watching?

And here's the official theme song:

So I'll be recapping Galavant and presumably sharing stories from high school about trying (and failing) to seduce the one hot theater geek.


Galavant premieres this weekend on Sunday!