Neil Gaiman has been showing off a couple more pieces of art from his upcoming Batman story, "Whatever Happened To The Caped Crusader," giving another hint as to what Batman we can expect to meet.

The images, from Gaiman's two-part Bat-story celebrating the history of the character in the wake of the recent Batman RIP storyline, show a more classical side to the caped crusader - arresting Catwoman (in her 1950s costume, interestingly enough) amid moonlit gazes into each others' eyes, and talking a panicking Riddler down instead of just punching him. Apparently, Gaiman asked artist Andy Kubert to reference various popular artists from Batman's history in this story, and so these images may be a shout-out to the more mellow Batman of the '50s through '70s than a glimpse of Dark Knights to come.


Batman #686, the first part of the storyline, is due in stores February 11th.

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