Melbourne's Pub Facial Recognition Security System

Once you've gotten kicked out for being too rowdy, not even wearing a pair of Groucho glasses can get you back into your favorite pub Down Under.


Chicago's Edible Menus at Moto

Eating food is so last year, now we eat the menus. Sure, molecular gastronomy isn't the latest of the world's fashions โ€” it seems like everyone is bringing liquid nitrogen into the kitchen these days โ€” but it's a big part of our forward-eating culture. And you gotta respect restaurants like Chicago's Alinea and Moto, along with New York's wd-50, and creator Wylie Dufresn for pushing ahead with the futuristic goodies.


Queuing's VeriChip Clubs

Who needs credit cards when your VeriChip can pay off your bar tab with a swipe of your arm? Just don't get mad when Big Brother uses it to track your every move.

Toyota City's iReal Drivable Chair

You've seen Wall-E โ€” it's only a matter of time before we're all dragging our lazy butts around in the world's most amazing chair.

San Francisco's Traveling Wifi Hot Spot

San Francisco's Connected bus was one of the earlier wireless mass commute vehicles. Sure, today you can chat on IM while on a plane and some trains, but the bus is a cheaper (i.e. free), greener solution, and easily accessed by all members of society. No longer is traveling wifi only for those of us ready to shell out tons of cash so we can cruise the Internet on a long flight.

Homeland Security's "Experimental" Brain Mapping in Washington, DC

Last year DC ran a "test" on a group of human brains to detect which people intended to cause harm. By reading thermal images from brain scans as people passed under the detectors, pulling out people with questionable results, and then reading and scanning their faces, Homeland Security claims it was able to detect and remove possible signs of mischief. Then they totally got rid of it โ€” we're sure.


Seattle's Monorail

It may be old, but it's awesome and the most futuristic way we can get around in our cities. There's the New York Air Tram, the Vegas Rail, and plenty more. If only every town had a monorail; it's the closest I'm getting to riding in a flying car.