G.I. Joe's Next Comic Book Opponent Is... The Six Million Dollar Man?!

Image: IDW. Art by SL Gallant
Image: IDW. Art by SL Gallant

Batman has fought the ninja turtles. The crew of The Next Generation teamed up with Doctor Who’s Eleventh Doctor. Wonder Woman’s battled alongside the Bionic Woman. So honestly, at this point, we shouldn’t be surprised by a comic as crazy sounding as G.I. Joe taking on The Six Million Dollar Man.

io9 can exclusively reveal that IDW will be teaming up its G.I.Joe: Real American Hero comics with Dynamite Entertainment’s ongoing Six Million Dollar Man series for a four-part crossover series beginning next year. Written by Rocko’s Modern Life’s Ryan Ferrier with art from G.I. Joe mainstay S.L. Gallant, the series will see the bionic Steve Austin go up against the Joes, and presumably get recruited into the fold to deal with a sinister new threat. Which may or may not be Bigfoot, if the below artwork is anything to go by:

Illustration for article titled iG.I. Joe/is Next Comic Book Opponent Is... iThe Six Million Dollar Man/i?!

It’s probably not Bigfoot, but it certainly seems like the beloved, hairy Six Million Dollar Man guest star will be there to watch the fight. And hey—ninjas, bionic men, and Bigfoot in a single story? That sounds like one hell of a comic.

The G.I. Joe/Six Million Dollar Man teamup series begins in January 2018.

James is a News Editor at io9. He wants pictures. Pictures of Spider-Man!

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