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G.I. Joe 3 May Have Its Director. And Is Still Happening, Apparently

Illustration for article titled iG.I. Joe 3 /iMay Have Its Director. And Is Still Happening, Apparently

I kind of totally forgot that the live-action G.I. Joe movies were a thing that were happening. And now it looks like Paramount is gearing up for a third go at this, with another new director.


Deadline is reporting that DJ Caruso, who is currently in the process of making The Disappointment Room with Kate Beckinsale and Lucas Till, is in early negotiations to direct G.I Joe 3. He'll take over for John Chu, whose G.I. Joe Retaliation, which effectively rebooted the films with Dwayne Johnson as the lead, grossed over $372 million worldwide.

And, yeah, Chu's Johnson-starring sequel was a much better G.I. Joe movie. But the first film was one of the most fun/awful things I've ever seen in the theaters. I will never forget the part where shooting an iceberg resulted in the smaller pieces of ice starting to sink. Amazing.

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Mike Stevens

Meanwhile I forgot there'd even been a GI Joe 2. I... guess I should... watch it?