This “first look” image that FX dropped in February is now the “only look” image.
Image: FX

A year after FX ordered a pilot for a TV series based on Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra’s beloved comic Y: The Last Man, and just two months after it was ordered to series, it appears the project is no more. Read it and weep, in this message that comes directly from would-be showrunners and executive producers Aïda Mashaka Croal (Luke Cage) and Michael Green (American Gods, Logan):


That message ends on a hopeful note that a Y: The Last Man series may someday actually get made, though it’s unclear if Croal and Green were talking about this version of the project or some other configuration from some other team.

Considering all the talent involved here (including Captain Marvel’s Lashana Lynch), and how tantalizingly close it came to being made, it’s particularly disappointing that Vaughan and Guerra’s tale of a global plague that wipes out Earth’s entire male population (save for one man and his pet monkey) won’t be coming to the small screen anytime soon. We’ll be keeping an eye out for more Y: The Last Man news, and will update should we hear anything further.

Update: Well, it seems we might have spoken too soon on the whole “no more” thing, and should have read between the lines on that “our series in its current form” part of Croal and Green’s message. Entertainment Weekly offered a clarification:

Some fans of the property took this unexpected tweet as an indication that FX had canceled Y, but the statement’s wording was slightly misleading. FX has confirmed to EW that the network is moving forward with Y, but that Green and Croal were moving on “due to creative differences with the network.” The search for a new showrunner is now underway.


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