FX's Legion Season One Recap Doesn't Actually Explain Much

We’re confused too, David.
We’re confused too, David.
Photo: FX

Legion, our favorite trippy mutant fever dream, is returning for its second season next month. To help get viewers up to speed, FX has released a recap of the first season that, uhh, kind of forgot the recapping part.


What it remembered, though, was the interpretative dancing, screaming, constantly self-distorting hallucination that Legion managed to be in its best moments. And that’s what this recap captures, in its artfully bizarre way: the dizzying sense that you’ve just had a look into a very powerful, very unstable mind.

So if you want an actual recap of the plot of Legion, it would be wise to look elsewhere. But if you want the mood? Well, FX has you covered.

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I was missing this show dreadfully, then one day we’re walking around Hollywood and see a side street blocked off with vans and cameras and trailers, and there are a couple of parked retro picture cars in candy colors, and a woman dressed like Jackie Kennedy-meets-the B-52's, and the sides of the buildings have been painted in these cool color-blocked designs, and I went up to one of the security cops and asked what the show was, and he shrugged and said, “Something called Legion”, and then I think I scared him half to death because I started jumping up and down and screaming“YES!”and my husband had to drag me away.