FX's Legion Recap Video Allows Us to Dive Into the Twisted Mind of Aubrey Plaza's Lenny

Aubrey Plaza as Lenny in FX’s Legion.
Aubrey Plaza as Lenny in FX’s Legion.
Image: FX

David Haller (Dan Stevens) might be the center of the world in FX’s Legion, but Aubrey Plaza’s Lenny is the true star.


In this new and very abstract recap video, we get a glimpse of the past two seasons through the ever-changing eyes of Lenny. A patient, a doctor, a monster, the possessed shell of David’s sister, and oh so much more.

This video for the FX series comes just in time for the third and final season. Lenny, who was originally written as male before Plaza got the role, started out as David’s best friend in the mental hospital...before getting brutally killed by the Shadow King and finding reluctant refuge inside his spiritual plane. Now, she’s got a body of her own again—though it came at a horrific price. She’s been both a witness and an enabler for some of David’s more destructive tendencies, and as we enter the final season we find her once again at his side.


The final season of Legion follows David after he grew into his darker abilities and split off from the rest of his friends. Now, he’s a bona fide cult leader who may or may not be experimenting with time travel in order to change his destiny—and possibly that of his father, Charles Xavier (played by Game of Thrones’ Harry Lloyd).

Legion returns on June 24.

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