FX Is Making a Television Show Out of Alan Moore's From Hell

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And the comics-domination of TV keeps on coming: FX is developing a drama series based on Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell's graphic novel. Hey, remember when Johnny Depp starred in a film based on the same thing?


(In before the comments get all over this: Yes, graphic novels and comics are not exactly the same. But the point — that stories told with serial images are extremely popular on TV right now — stands)

Don Murphy, who produced the 2001 film, is also executive producing the TV series. According to Deadline, Murphy always thought the material was better suited to the long-form storytelling of TV. And he was inspired to try to adapt the tale again because of the re-emergence of the "event series" on TV. Which is a neat way to say that it'll be a miniseries.


David Arata (Children Of Men) has been hired to write the show, which is a good sign. So is the placing of this project on FX, rather than a network. So maybe the 572-page story of Jack thee Ripper is finally going to get the treatment it should.

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I'm sure I'll be flogged in the public square, but I actually liked the Depp film. If I could have changed anything it would have been Heather Graham, whose acting approach to every film is a variation on a a blank stare.