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Japanese engineers are known throughout the world as pioneers of robot technology. But, now they've perfected something even more paradigm-shredding: the pancake popsicle maker.


As Rakuten and RocketNews24 report, Roky, which costs around $60, is the long-awaited solution for the spatula-challenged:

The device, which looks a bit like a coffee thermos, certainly seems pretty easy to use: Mix up some batter while Roky heats up, pour in a bit of oil followed by the batter, drop a stick in the middle, and then eight to 10 minutes later pull out a hot, fluffy pancake-sicle! Advertisements for Roky also mention that it's possible to make an "eggroll" by pouring eggs into the device instead of batter.


Thank you, Japan. Now please get started on pizza-in-a-cup.

[Via Rakuten and RocketNews24]

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