Futuristic New Music Videos by Cat Power and Baron Von Luxxury: Rayguns and Jumpsuits in the Desert!

Both of these new music videos are pretty fun — although neither of them is quite up to the standard of Christina Hendricks selling off her body parts in space. Still, they're both entertaining little mini-movies, in which pop stars deal with zombies and space people in the desert. Both clearly filmed in a weekend, but still entertaining.

In the Cat Power video above — which Cat Power herself directed — people are fighting zombies with triangles on their shirts, using big shiny rayguns, and there are mysterious buried crystals and flashbacks to life before the crystal zombie apocalypse.

And meanwhile, electro-pop singer Baron Von Luxxury is also out in the desert — possibly even the same desert — when he meets a mysterious blonde woman in a white jumpsuit. Who collapses, so he drives her around for a bit. Until she zaps him with her eye-beams, and then finally drags him away to be confronted by a whole host of her sexy, sexy evil clones. Leading to an unscheduled space flight. This one is more overtly campy than the Cat Power one, and the song is also a bit catchier, for my money.


Baron Von Luxxury tells Spin:

We shot for two days in Death Valley and I had a bad back and a cold, so I was sort of miserable the whole time [but] I seem to recall that I spent most of that being dragged through the sand by my feet while wearing a fancy outfit.

[via MySpace and Spin]

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She crashes to earth only to learn that the 80's are over and she is NOT Billy Jean.