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What is the future of Paris? That's a subject currently under discussion by architects and French President Nicolas Sarkozy, who wants to create a "Grand Paris" even if it includes redrawing the map altogether.


Sarkozy's plan, in the words of the UK Guardian is

not to reshape Paris, but rather to extend its inherent beauty to its outskirts, les banlieues – a web of small villages, some terribly grand and chic (Neuilly, Versailles, Saint Mandé, Vincennes, Saint Germain-en-Laye), others modest and provincial-looking (Montreuil, Pantin, Malakoff, Montrouge, Saint Gervais) and others still, socially ravaged and architecturally dehumanised (La Courneuve, Clichy-sous-bois). And also to link them.


The various architects invited to present solutions to the brief this week approached the issue in different ways, but we find ourselves drawn to Antoine Grumbach's idea to create the "Grand Paris" along the banks of the Seine... but maybe that's just because we love his nightvision-image of how everything would look.

Architects reveal plans to redesign Paris [Guardian Unlimited]

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