One of the coolest movies I've seen in a while is the action-packed Banlieue 13, a French flick from 2004 about what happens when Paris walls off the ghetto areas of the city and abandons them to criminals and drug lords. Democracy gets thrown out the window, and of course there's just one good cop — and one good ghetto-dweller — to bring justice back to the people of Paris. Along the way, the good guys have to battle an evil drug lord and try to defuse a neutron bomb in a series of action sequences so cool and frenetic that you'll feel like you're watching a Hong Kong movie inexplicably starring a bunch of Europeans. In this scene, we first meet our good cop hero at the scene of a speakeasy bust. I love the way he gets rid of the bad guy. And this is only the beginning of a scene that involves him taking out about 50 guys with only one clip. Want some near-future turbo-mega-ultra, and I think you know what I mean by that? Banlieue 13 is your ticket. [Banlieue 13 via IMDB]


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