Futurama May Live Again

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We're still a week out from the release of Bender's Game, the third (of four) direct-to-DVD Futurama movies, but that isn't stopping David X. Cohen, co-creator of the series, from looking at what the future holds for the futuristic sitcom beyond its release... and the answer includes more than just the fourth DVD.Cohen told SciFi Wire that he's optimistic for life beyond the cartoon's final DVD:

Hope never dies on Futurama, or not anymore... It died once, but once you introduce the idea that you can come back from the dead, then the second time you have to have a little bit of hope that you might come back to life yet again. So we do retain hope of resurrection... The hard facts would seem to support us coming back again. From what we have heard, the DVDs have sold very well, and I have heard the phrase 'greatly exceeded' 20th Century Fox's expectations. So that's got to be a good sign, you would think. We haven't heard anything, yes or no, so it's familiar territory.


And in case he's wrong, well, there'll be a certain symmetry to Into the Wild Green Yonder, the final DVD; it's been written by Ken Keeler, who wrote the last episode of the Futurama TV series.

Bender's Game (and, yes, the Orson Scott Card pun is intentional) is released November 4th; Into The Wild Green Yonder is due next year. A Future For Futurama? [SciFi Wire]

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Holla Backyo

please go back to episodic format...i loved the show to death but the movies are boring me.