Futurama Made Out of Lego

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Matt De Lanoy, aka Pepa Quin the Lego-making sci-fi geek, made this diorama of Planet Express, the spaceship in Futurama, out of Lego. You'll notice Leela's shooting at somebody and Fry is about to go into the suicide booth. Fun times. This is on display at the Northbrook Lego Store in Illinois until April. More images of details at Brickpicks.com. Image by Pepa Quin

Brickpics via Neatorama



That is beautiful. Subject and work.

There are some amazing Lego "artists". At one show, I saw a 20 foot model of the Discovery (2001) complete with open pod bays and EV Pods. That made me weep, mostly because the Lego Kid in me wanted to play with all those bricks.