Futurama Is Getting an Encore With a New Radio Drama

Image: TinyCo
Image: TinyCo

The last episode of Futurama ended with Fry lovingly asking his wife Leela if she’d like to “go around again,” and now it looks like they’re going to. Nerdist has paired with the creators of the show to create a brand new radio play that ties into the show’s latest mobile game.


TinyCo recently released Futurama: World of Tomorrow, a mobile game that’s a mix of The Simpsons: Tapped Out with turn-based RPG. In the game, Fry is tasked with saving his friends from a perpendicular universe after Hypnotoad (while getting his groove on with Lady Hypnotoad) tore the fabric of time and space. It features a story from Matt Groening, David X. Cohen, and the Futurama writers and voice actors.

To celebrate the game’s release, Nerdist and Futurama have created a double-episode podcast audio show centered around the crew’s new adventures. There’s reportedly a sneak peek at the upcoming radio play inside the game, instructions to find it are here, but I’ve been playing all morning and it hasn’t shown up for me yet. Leave a comment if you’ve listened to the sneak peek and know what it’s about.


As a diehard fan of Futurama (seriously, my wedding cake toppers were Fry and Leela figurines), I’m always eager to see some of my favorite characters. I’ve watched the show backwards and forwards at least half a dozen times. That said, I feel like the series ended on such a beautiful moment, it doesn’t really need to continue. I’m probably going to check out the podcast episode, and I’m sure it’ll be a lot of fun, but something feels slightly off about returning to a show that left so perfectly. Also, Chris Hardwick does not deserve a head jar.

The Futurama radioplay comes out September 14.


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More Futurama YAY!

“show’s latest mobile game.”

Oh. You mean the latest “waiting simulator”

As the good Professor himself says...

Even as a freemium “game” it’s pretty awful. The turn-based bit is alright, but literally everything else is behind absurd waiting times. “You need x items for this quest. Each item will take a minimum of 4 hours. They are rare so you may not get them each time. There are 6 other quests to finish unlocking. See you next week”