Fury Returns To Iron Man 2... And His Own Movie?

Whatever Tony Stark gets up to in Iron Man 2, he's going to be doing it beside Nick Fury. Marvel announced yesterday that Samuel L. Jackson has signed a "long-term" deal to play the character.

The new agreement comes following Jackson claiming, at the start of this year, that negotiations to play Fury in future Marvel projects had stalled over the subject of money. The deal covers Iron Man 2 and contains an option for future movies like Captain America and The Avengers. Interestingly enough, reports also mention that one of Jackson's Marvel movies may be titled SHIELD (which is the name of Nick Fury's spy-organization in the Marvel Universe)... That suggests Jackson may be getting his own headlining movie out of this new deal. When we asked the studios ourself, a Marvel Studios rep said that the studio "does not comment on active negotiations", which sounds as close to a "Maaaaaayybe," as they can get away with saying.


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