Further proof that reality has become a William Gibson novel

While musing on Twitter about an app that could generate a "wholly fictitious but believable Facebook persona," William Gibson received confirmation (or at least, an anecdote) that reality is at least as weird as working for Bigend in his most recent trilogy. Here's what artist Greg Borenstein told him:


I love the idea that Hollywood is, at this point, generating fake personas for the purpose of sending them takedown notices. It seems impossible but I want to believe . . .

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It seems impossible why exactly? The marketing world is full of twenty/thirtysomething machiavellis with more than enough tech savvy for that kind of thing. They have borked online forums with paid trolls/buzz generators since the lord and Doug Brown invented internet chat.

Heck, my neighbor was a tech-freedom activist in college, went corporate and founded a firm that does much, much more creative buzz generation than that. All legal as far as I know.