Unlike Sasquatch or Ogopogo, the Goatman is a largely unheralded cryptid whose half-man, half-goat exploits are primarily confined to Maryland state borders. Fortunately for all you self-avowed Goatmaniacs out there, the Goatman has popped up recently in Weber County, Utah, where a photographer shot him clambering near a herd of his full-goat brethren on Ben Lomond Peak.

Illustration for article titled Furry-like goatman in Utah perplexing hikers, baffling non-goatmen

Park officials are uncertain if Goatman 2012™ (you heard it here first) is a hunter, a photographer, or just your run-of-the-mill man who enjoys dressing up as a goat.

And in an egregious oversight, reports seem to discount the possibility that Goatman 2012™ is either A.) a legitimate genetic mutation, whose life is filled with pain, existential longing, and confusion as to why his Creator would craft such a cosmic mockery of both man and goat; or B.) a Redwall-loving transcendentalist looking to pen the fursuit community's answer to Walden.


[FOX 13 via Cryptomundo]

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