Furries Take Hollywood: The Year of Yiff

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It's turning out to be the year of the Furry. There's cat people, wild things, a fox in a suit. Here's the complete list of this year's furry people, ranked by sexiness.


You can't turn on the TV with out running into a little bit of Furry fodder these days. The fur love is practically being courted in Hollywood. So I rounded up the best of the best, and tried my darndest to rank them by Furry sex appeal. Do you agree with the winners and the furry losers?

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To be fair Where the "Wild Things Are" and "The Fantastic Mr. Fox" are based on classic children's books. Anthropomorphic animals have been staples of children's literature for hundreds...no thousands of years. Didn't you ever read Aesop's f'ing Fables? The aliens from Avatar aren't "furries" either. Furries are anthropomorphic animals. The Na'Vi or whatever Cameron called them are humanoid aliens who evolved as arboreal beings. Wolverine and Sabertooth aren't furries, either. They are human mutants who give in to their bestial natures when they fight. Most of us do. It's the fight or flight instinct.