Furiosa's Story Was Deeper In Early Versions Of Mad Max: Fury Road

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Mad Max: Fury Road is now available for digital download and will be on Blu-ray next week. So this is usually when a ton of additional information about a film is uncovered. Case in point, some images from an “Art Of” book reveal writer/director George Miller had more to the story of Furiosa.


In the book, written by Abbie Bernstein, there’s a legend of Fury Road written by Miller that gives more details to Furiosa’s story (when she was just a “Warrior Women”). For example, the place she’s from is named “Gynotopia” and it explains how she rose up from one of the Warlord’s women to be his most trusted soldier. Here’s the image.

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I mean, Max doesn’t even get mentioned until two-thirds down that page. If you were ever unsure who the real star of the movie is, there you go.

Another, more silly, argument to that point is made by the team as Screenjunkies. They did Fury Road for their latest Honest Trailer and certainly make a point of Furiosa being the star of the film. Unlike lots of their trailers, too, it’s obvious they love this one, but there are still places to throw a jab or two. Most of which I’m sure lots of people will disagree with.

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Sad that watching decades of mediocre movies have taught a generation of movies fans to not get that Furiosa is the protagonist, but Max is the main character critical to Furiosa’s development over the course of the story. He wasn’t “just there”. He wasn’t just a sidekick. Every act turn depends on the relationship of Max and Furiosa.


1. Max and Furiosa fight for control of the war truck. He gets control of the gun and could easily have killed her but didn’t. This teaches Furiosa that Max isn’t like the other men she’s known. The remainder of the movie she is quietly watching him, and without saying much between them the respect and trust grows between them. That’s the whole point of the film! A man and a woman, who said nearly nothing to each other, grow a mutual respect and trust, an accomplish a revolution. That’s what the feminist message is!

2. Max tells her to leave him behind if he doesn’t return before the engine cools. He goes off to kill the Bullet Farmer and retrieves weapons and ammunition. They don’t show it, because the imporant of this act is the emotional effect on the relationship between Max and Furiosa, not as a spectacle.

3. Max tells Furiosa to turn back, take the Citadel. She trusts him its the right thing to do, and she does it.

4. Max gives Furiosa his blood, sacrificing to save her life when he began the film intent only on survival. Their transformation is complete. Respect and trust wins the day.

The main character is always the person with the emotional journey. The protagonist is always the person driving the main plot. Contrary to Hollywood but more common is great literary novels, they don’t have to be the same person. The main character is crucial to the story though, as Max was to Furiosa’s story.