Funko's Comic-Con Ghostbusters Figures Are Super (Disgustingly) Cute

Despite the fact that they're either covered in slime or the visceral remains of a giant marshmallow man, you'll be hard-pressed not to want to get your hands on Funko's three hyper-cute, exclusive Ghostbusters sets from this year's San Diego Comic-Con.

First up, there's the above set of all four Ghostbusters, coated with the remains of Mr. Stay-Puft. Then there's this exclusive two-pack of a slimed Venkman and a metallic Slimer:


I believe it's the only way you can get a slimed Venkman figure, at least for now. Last and possibly least is this six-inch Stay-Puft figure, which unlike the regular version glows in the dark:

Funko will likely be revealing more Comic-Con exclusives this week, so stay tuned!

[Via ToyNewsI]


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