Fund Strange Horizons, And Read Ann Leckie's Brand New Ancillary Story!

Illustration for article titled Fund Strange Horizons, And Read Ann Leckie's Brand New Ancillary Story!

Strange Horizons magazine is having its annual fund drive. And as usual, this is an incredibly worthy cause, supporting a magazine that has published breathtaking fiction since 2000. But this year, there's an added incentive: if they reach their goal, they'll publish a brand new Ann Leckie set in the Ancillary Justice universe.


The new Leckie story is called "She Commands Me and I Obey," and the first part of it will be published if Strange Horizons hits $9,000 — right now, they're at around $6,500. (But then the second half won't be published unless they hit $13,500, so best be generous, just to be on the safe side.) You can see a glimpse of the artwork for the story, by artist Tory Hoke, above.

One of the best rewards for supporting Strange Horizons has already been released — a never-seen, in-depth interview with Iain M. Banks, conducted for the author's PhD thesis.

Strange Horizons is a one-of-a-kind magazine that publishes really dangerous, provocative stories — the kind of stuff that other magazines might shy away from. And they've got a terrific track record of taking a chance on newbie writers, and nurturing their creativity. [Full disclosure: I was one of the newbie fiction writers that Strange Horizons took a chance on, back in 2002.] So this magazine is well worth supporting for another 15 years. There's just over one week left — more details, including prizes you can get for donating, at the link. [Strange Horizons]



Never got around to these stories. Anyone care to elevator pitch sell me on the Ancillary books?