Fund Some Truly Weird Art And Get Some Totally Insane Shwag!

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Last Gasp Books has been putting out and selling completely insane books of underground comics, weird art, and other totally unacceptable cultural artifacts for decades. And now they're doing a Kickstarter to raise money to publish their fall books, and it's well worth kicking in a few bucks.


If nothing else, this is your chance to pre-order some really sweet books, including a whole collection of "Street Art" graffiti stickers by Ron English, the Vandalism Starter Kit. Or Mirror, Black Mirror, a collection of bizarre paintings by Camille Rose Garcia (including the one pictured above.) Plus artist and tattooer Mike Davis' A Blind Man's Journey, a collection of post-mortem and mourning photography called Beyond The Dark Veil, and two weird coloring books: The Fetish Coloring Book and Forbidden Activities For Neglected Children. You can't find this insanity just anywhere!

In addition to preordering those books (and supporting their production), you can also get some killer totebags or T-shirts. That famous tattoo artist guy could actually tattoo you. You can also get get a ton of incredible classic underground comics, like Zap and Weirdo, for fairly cheap. But this is also a deal worth supporting, if you care about alternative culture and old-school independent art publishing.

Full disclosure: I have been to a few of Last Gasp's events, and supported this Kickstarter myself.



In the pre-internet days I used to love perusing their catalogs. Just the little blurbs about the books and comics opened up worlds to me. I ordered a bunch of stuff from them one time and took forever to get it, so that kinda soured me. I bet they are more efficient now though.