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Full Torchwood: Miracle Day trailer brings us Captain Jack's charm (and explosions)

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A meaty trailer for Starz's Torchwood: Miracle Day just debuted on Access Hollywood. Check out Captain Jack and Gwen sleuthing around in a world where no one can die. But if nobody can kick it, why's everyone so trigger-happy?

[Via Spoiler TV]

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James Whitbrook

Wow, that was very... action-y. I mean, that's great, but Torchwood wasn't 'all action, all the time' in the way this seems to look. That's hard to judge from a trailer, because naturally they want lots of exciting action to hook people, but I hope we get to see some quieter, but still tense stuff from the trailers in the future.

To answer your query, Cyriaque, just because people don't die doesn't mean they can't feel pain. I mean, imagine if you'd been fatally shot, but rather than passing out and dying, you were just there, constantly hovering on the brink of death? That would be excruciating, not even being granted the 'mercy' of dying. I hope that's played on, actually. Rather than just going 'Oh well, it's not like they're dying! *blam blam blam blam*', make it still a grave threat and almost akin to like, torture or something. Especially for Jack - I mean, it's implied his resurrection stuff requires him to actually expire before he's bought back to life and is fine. If he can't die, maybe he's not able to 'use his powers', so to speak? That'd make him just as vulnerable as everyone else, I think that would be rather interesting to see.