Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.  

This morning, we've got tons of forbidden secrets of Fringe, the X-Files clone from J.J. Abrams. And there are new pics from the Knight Rider TV movie, plus some images of a Speed Racer toy that gives some clues about the film. All that, plus new spoilers for Star Trek and Sarah Connor. It's all part of our plan to spoil you rotten first thing in the morning.

IESB has a super-detailed review of the pilot script for Fringe, J.J. Abrams' attempt to revive the X-Files, except with daddy issues.


Fringe starts out with two FBI agents investigating a case where a guy on an airplane injected himself with a weird chemical that caused his skin — and everybody else's as well — to melt. The plane lands full of horribly deformed corpses. The two FBI agents, Olivia Warren and John Scott, are having a secret affair.

But there's a complication, because another senior FBI agent, Broyles, has a huge grudge against Olivia because she blew the whistle on sexual harrassment and sent Broyles' buddy to prison.

Olivia and her lover John investigate the background of the skin-melty chemical from the airplane. John chases a suspect who is the twin brother of the guy who injected himself with the chemical. And then John winds up getting exposed to another weird chemical, which turns his skin transparent and slowly kills him.


The only person who can save John is a super-scientist named Walter Bishop, who's been in a mental institution for 20 years after his experiment killed some people. But Olivia can't get permission to visit Bishop because of Broyles and his sexual-harrassment grudge. The only other way to get to see Bishop is through a family member, so Olivia tracks down Bishop's estranged son Peter.

Peter is a wacky gambler and rogue who has comedy moments involving urinating himself. Olivia finally convinces him to come back and sign his hated mass-murderer dad out of the mental institution, so dad can do some super-science. It turns out Bishop's old business partner, William Bell, is super rich and runs an evil company called Prometheus. Olivia visits Prometheus and meets a woman with a sinister bionic hand.

Instead of just coming up with a cure for John's skin-disintegrating condition, Bishop figures out a way to send Olivia inside John's comatose mind. This involves putting her in a bikini inside a water tank, then zapping her. Olivia (still wearing a bikini?) travels inside her colleague/lover's memories and manages to see the face of the guy whom John chased after. She figures out this was the twin brother of the guy who injected himself on the plane. And he worked for Prometheus, the evil corporation.


Olivia tracks down the twin-brother, and manages to get a cure for John's skin condition. But then it turns out that John is actually a traitor, who pressured the guy into killing his twin brother with the injected skin-melty stuff. Olivia confronts John, who runs and is killed (or is he?) in a car chase.

Then Broyles, the guy who hates Olivia because of all that sexual-harrassment stuff, shows up and recruits her to join his secret FBI group that investigates the paranormal. And somehow, Walter the crazy mass-murdering scientist gets to join too. And his son Peter, the pants-wetting Han Solo-esque guy also joins. They vow to investigate weird goings on every week, until the show gets canceled. Which sounds like it would take about a month. [IESB]

Other spoilers:

  • The Romulan villain Eric Bana plays in Star Trek, Nero, is more of a "cameo" than a full-fledged role, Bana says. [TrekWeb]
  • Summer Glau's Terminator on The Sarah Connor Chronicles may not be on Sarah's side after all, Glau says. Or at least, her Terminator may have a different agenda than we've been led to believe. [E! Online]
  • And here are some new pics from TV Guide's coverage of the Knight Rider TV movie, airing a week from Sunday. Check out that silly fight scene! [SpoilerTV]



  • And here are three new pics of the "Battle Morph Mach 5" toy from Speed Racer, which gives some hints of what Speed's car may have in store for his competitors. It includes "jump-jacks" to pop the car up onto two wheels, and it can spit out saw blades and other weapons. [SuperheroFlix]