Full-On Flaming Dragon Action In New Outlander Clip!

Oh, it is on. This exclusive Outlander clip showcases a battle between Vikings and a space dragon, on fire! And Princess Freya has a monster duel of her own. Update: more cities added, see below.

Outlander co-writer/producer Dirk Blackman posted on his blog that the movie is adding some more cities to its run this weekend. It's not clear how many of the cities from its opening weekend it's sticking around in, but if you live in one of these places, your Viking ship is in:
1. Mobile-Pensacola , AL
2. Knoxville, TN
3. Huntsville-Decatur, Fl
4. Greensboro-H. Point-W. Salem , NC
5. Dothan, AL
6. Cleveland , OH
7. Albany-Schenectady-Troy, NY
And yes, it's hitting Huntsville-Decatur, but New York City or Los Angeles. The WTF continues!


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As someone who always burns herself trying to light a scented candle, I am in awe that none of the characters get a mark on them from running under a flaming dragon.

Count me in.