Full-length trailer for The Master shows what happens to people who question Philip Seymour Hoffman

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Paul Thomas Anderson's The Master promises to be one of the year's most intense movies, using the life of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard as a jumping-off point to look at post-World War II trauma and people's eagerness to believe in some weird-ass cosmology. After two teaser trailers, here's your first longer glimpse.

Among other things, this full-length trailer includes the title of one of the cult founder's novels (Split Sabre). We also learn that his kids, at least, suspect that he's just making this crazy stuff up as he goes along. And we see what happens when someone challenges his authority — he doesn't deal well with people suggesting that the scientific method means respecting other points of view. Instead, he sends over the goons, chief among them Joaquin Phoenix's character.

The Master has a limited release on Oct. 12. See the trailer in HD over at Yahoo! Trailers.

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Erik Sofge

Sweet mother of Xenu, this looks good. Though I think we actually need to put the kibosh on the Scientology comparisons, at some point, since this isn't some coyly disguised biopic. He's starting at L.Ron, but going somewhere very different, I think.