Full Length Divergent trailer shows the future ruins of Chicago

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The new dystopian teen movie Divergent could be upping the ante for post-apocalyptic devastation, judging from this brand new trailer. What's happened to Lake Michigan? Find out, in the movie's first full-length trailer.


Divergent, based on Veronica Roth's YA book series, is set in a future Chicago, that's surrounded by a dried-out Lake Michigan and a giant fence. Also in the future, the world will be divided into color-coded factions based on their personality types. Unless you're a Divergent, because that's bad (according to this trailer). Why? We don't know yet — but look, sexy tattoos!

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Rico Muscatel

This looks like its going to be crap. They couldn't even CG some broken windows in some of the buildings? Things look quite well maintained for that many years.. and the Lake would be much deeper than depicted. Just so many cheap approaches to this that it looks like a TV show about on par with Revolution.