You’ve never seen “Into the Unknown” like this.
Image: Disney

Disney’s biggest secret isn’t a secret at all. It’s that before any of its animated productions significantly move ahead, the filmmakers use rough storyboards to plot out the whole movie. They then screen it for internal audiences to get feedback. That feedback is digested, changes are made, and then it happens again and again until everyone agrees it works. And it usually does.

Audiences generally don’t get to see those early versions though. Why would they want to? It’s just a bunch of scribbles. However, when viewed side by side with the final version of the film, seeing the live evolution of the process can be a magnificent sight. And, if it just so happens to be a scene that you could watch over and over again, even better.


That’s all preamble to this great video Disney Animation posted today of the early storyboards and final footage of the incredible “Into the Unknown” musical sequence from Frozen II. Enjoy.

Frozen II is still in theaters and it’ll compete for Best Original Song, but not Best Animated Film, at the Oscars next week.

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