From the Department of Clueless Advertising . . .

If you're suffering from ringing in your ears, why not try a new product called Quietus? Yes, that's right, a company has named its medication after the suicide ritual in Children of Men.

You'd think that product developers might try Googling a little bit before giving their ear drops a name that will invoke images of mass drownings and suicide drugs. (In the novel, Quietus refers to government-authorized mass drownings of the old and infirm, and in the movie it's a suicide drug.) But maybe the makers of Quietus actually wanted to play into the scifi reference? It's hard not to see a bit of Children of Men in these ad slogans for Quietus. That sound in your head making you want to die? Just try Quietus! It works for everybody.


via Quietus (Thanks, Sergei!)

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