From The Crappy Scifi Vault: Space Rangers

Can you imagine a TV show with Clint Howard, Linda Hunt, and a crusty dude with a metal hand, all in a barely-rendered deep-space fort? Imagine no further!


I want to swallow all six episodes of this series — created by Pen Densham (Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves), and which featured Gregory Widen (Highlander) and Jay Roach (Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery) on the writing staff — whole, licking the tips of my fingers like some kind of culinary supervillain.

(h/t to Lee Goldberg)

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I heard...

(unsubstantiated rumor alert)


That all the effects shots of that interesting, asymmetrical ship were produced on spec by some effects house trying to get an early bid on a network show.

(klaxon continues)

The rumor goes that the ship was made asymmetrical specifically so that the producers could not simply "flip the negative" and double the effects footage that the house submitted...just in case they never got paid.

(klaxon continues)

Well, the rumor goes, that they were either never paid or paid only in part. And the producers of course flipped the footage anyway to double the footage they had.

(comedy trumbone)

(end unsubstantiated rumor)

I heard all this while working in LA on another low budget SciFi set...

...which pretty much establishes the entire story as fiction.

But it's fun fiction and isn't that really what matters?